Monday, November 17, 2008

persepolis movie

i was suprised by this movie. since its an award winning movie i gues i had different expectations. it was awkward during certain times like when she montages to Eye of the Tiger. it also irritated me how much they changed events from the book. like peoples names were different and sometimes a character would say something that a different character said in the book.
other than that it was a decent movie. i felt it was pretty well animated and i was impressed that she would take that task on basically by herself

Monday, November 10, 2008


the transitions are basically the same as they were at the beginning. there were some more moment-to-moments, but nothing very adventurous.

there were sometimes where her lack of inventiveness actually bothered me. i cant find it now but there was a panel where she depicts her elongated shadow in a doorway. i couldnt even consentrate because i kept thinking that the cell should be elongated like her shadow to ecsentuate that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Persepolis 1-110

i feel like the way its drawn is like a childrens drawing. i gues thats appropriate to go along with her P.O.V. as a child. although it makes it hard to distinguish people. also that they are of the same ethnicity creates a similar look to most of them.
i also know very little about this revolution in the book. so its almost as if im learning like she did as a child, through her POV.

team 2 topic A:
most transitions are action to action or subject to subject. sometimes i think the case could be made for a non-sequitur. page 33 for example; without taking the words into account the three middle panels seem unrelated.

Monday, November 3, 2008


the biggest visual shocker in this half is the actual picture he puts in at the end. it's such a huge contrast to everything else, but it also puts a face on Vladek's character. im glad he put it at the end because then i wasnt thinking about that picture through the whole book but at the end it humanizes him.

Team 2 Topic D:
the relationship between words and pictures is basically the same as it was in the first book. nothing very different except for maybe a spot or two where the words are on a piece of paper in the picture or something like that (p 63). when his father is speaking polish there will be a word box for translations (99).